The Bottle Cap Challenge Viral Across the Internet

The Bottle Cap Challenge Viral Across the Internet
Jason Statham bottle cap challenge promo

Is it accurate to say that you are down for the most recent Internet challenge to assume control over online life? Famous people and social-media users are sharing videos of themselves playing out the Bottle Cap Challenge, a physical demonstration that requires an individual to expel the top over a container in a solitary kick. The catch is, those endeavoring the test can't move the bottle.

As indicated by CBS News, the Bottle Cap Challenge may have begun from blended hand to hand fighting specialists. World Taekwondo champion Farabi Davletchin posted his video on June 26 where he labeled VIPs like Jason Statham and Jackie Chan to get them to share their own forms of the Bottle Cap challenge. The test may include the administration of a (valiant) friend to hold up the bottle while the other individual endeavors to kick the bottle cap off.

UFC champion Max Holloway later posted his very own adaptation and labeled artist lyricist John Mayer who reacted with his endeavor at the Bottle Cap Challenge. Activity star Statham, in the long run, shared his interpretation of the Bottle Cap challenge with a video on Twitter on July 1. His video has collected more than five million likes on Instagram.

Bollywood star Akshay Kumar said he couldn't avoid posting up his very own endeavor at the Bottle Cap challenge.

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