Air India suspends local chief Rohit Bhasin for supposed shoplifting at Sydney airport

Air India suspends local chief Rohit Bhasin for supposed shoplifting at Sydney airport
 Local Chief Rohit Bhasin 

The decision to suspend Captain Rohit Bhasin for supposed shoplifting was taken following a report by the local chief, Australasia. 

Air India has suspended its Regional Director-Eastern Region for supposedly shoplifting a wallet in the obligation free territory of Sydney airport on June 22.

The decision to suspend, Captain Rohit Bhasin was taken following a report by the local chief-Australasia. A senior leader, Capt. Rohit Bhasin was to fly AI301 from Sydney to Delhi, a brief time after he supposedly dedicated the shoplifting.

The request marked via Air India's Director-Personnel, Amrita Sharan said that "without bias to any disciplinary activity started against him and pending inquiry, Capt. Bhasin is being set under suspension".

The senior pilot was advised to not enter the premises of Air India Limited or leave Kolkata, his station, without consent of the airline the board. He has likewise advised to hand over all his organization personality reports.


Officials said that Captain Bhasin told officials that he had only learned of having turned into a granddad and that he was too overwhelmed when he visited the outlet of Tumi, a sacks and extras brand, to purchase a present for his daughter-in-law.

The Air India spokesperson said the bearer lays the most elevated weight on the correct lead of its staff and has a zero resistance arrangement towards demonstrations of inappropriateness.

"There is an underlying report of one of the captains, Rohit Bhasin, who is also filling in as a Regional Director, grabbing a wallet from an obligation free shop in Sydney. Air India has initiated an inquiry into this episode and has put the captain under suspension," airline spokesperson Dhananjay Kumar said.

Captain Bhasin originates from a group of pilots. While his dad Captain Jai Dev Bhasin resigned from Indian Airlines, his better half Nivedita and child Rohan also fly for Air India.

In another request, Sanjay Mishra, Air India's General Manager, Commercial-Eastern Region was given charge of Regional Director-Eastern Region, notwithstanding his very own obligations.

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